Pizza Menu

Elizabeth Station Pizza


Pizzas will bake 12-13” on a flatbread, thinner crusted dough.
This dough is made fresh in house every day.
One pizza is enough to feed 2 adults, or 2-3 really hungry kids!


Caesar Salad                                                                                      4
romaine, croutons, parm

Marinara (vegan)                                                                              11
tomato, basil, lemon, arugula

Margherita                                                                                       13
tomato, mozz, basil

Pepperoni                                                                                        16
tomato, mozz, fontina, pepperoni, basil

Salsichero                                                                                        17
tomato, mozz, ricotta, sausage, marinated peppers, basil

Bianco                                                                                              15
mozz, fontina, ricotta, parm, lemon, arugula

Bentonville                                                                                       16
mozz, fontina, pepperoni, honey

Pizza of the Week
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Freshly made focaccia bread available most days for $6

arugula                                2
marinated peppers              2
pepperoni                            3
sausage                                3
bacon                                   3