Growler Care


Growlers are one of our favorite inventions!  It allows you to take home many different beers to enjoy that don’t come in bottles or cans.


However, there is some common etiquette and best practices that will allow you to make sure your beer or cider is the freshest and best tasting.  Those include:

  • Rinse your growler out quickly after it has been emptied.  We’ll give it a quick rinse here if you ask, but that doesn’t really count for much if the yeast has been spawning there for weeks. Besides, Washington State law requires that your container be sanitary in order to fill, so don’t put us in a tough spot to send you back home with it!
  • After rinsed, store with cap off.  Yeast and bacteria grow in moist areas, so let it dry without the cap sealed.
  • Beer in a full, sealed growler can last up to a week (but you might not wait this long…).  Once it’s opened, the clock starts ticking a lot faster!
  • Washington State law requires a growler to be a metal, ceramic, or glass container.  No plastic!
  • We can fill gallon jugs or other sizes, but if it’s non-standard please call ahead of time or bring it in and let us see it first (but then give us time to figure out if we can or not).  And know that although we are flexible, we tend to be less so on a Friday evening with 10 people in the line behind you.

Why aren’t our growler fills cheaper per ounce than a half-growler fill?
It really came to be the other way around: we started with the assumption that instead of buying one full 64oz growler, we all really wanted to take home two 32oz half-growlers instead!  We decided to make a half-growler half the price of a full, so you could take home two of the same thing (or different things!) and keep one fresher longer, while the other was being opened.