New A+ beers en route, Makeworth Pop-up, and a Circus Tent!

Elizabeth Station


What season is this anyway? Seems like the only place that Halloween is happening is at retail stores, right? Is it too early for Christmas lights? Does it matter?

I hope you’ve been enjoying the changing of colors and the pumpkins (and pumpkin spice), the honeycrisp apples and the fresh hop IPAs. It looks like there will be a lot of new seasonal beers this year, as breweries search to make creative beers that aren’t just more IPAs (oh, there are plenty of those coming out too). I am excited to see what’s new over the next few months :)<

I have a number of updates for you, and some things I’d like you to consider. Some conversations starters, perhaps. I’ve loved the conversations, you’ve all given us a lot to think about and talk about here, and I thank you. I want to encourage you to continue to come bring your ideas and start impromptu chats when you are here (or email us!).

If you had a chance to read my last email sent it September, you know it was very history heavy. I am making good on my comment about learning more about the history of the two Native American tribes in our area, although I have a long way to go. The Deming library definitely has a handful of good resources, although of course it is closed at the moment. If you know of good resources, please let me know.

On the subject of history, I came across an interview with the writer Chuck Palahniuk recently. He was asked about the process of writing, and creative writing, and he mentioned this:

“So many of us are used by aspects of our history, of our past, our experience. Without fully understanding them. And once we can unpack them” (in this seemingly innocuous world of fiction writing) “then we can more fully look at them and be aware of them and not be used by them.”

And that is exactly the point I was trying to make in my previous email. Learning history is not as much about learning facts; history’s importance is about realizing that until we understand our own past and that of our world around us, it can push us around and make us do what it wants. Shadows of history can plant ideas into you that you never would have put there yourself. Understanding what came before us helps us see the forces that are pushing us around and how we can make up our own decisions if that was good or not.

An apt metaphor is parenting: the easiest thing to do in parenting, when facing a decision that the answer is not obvious, is to look back to how you were parented and do the same. “Should I spank my kid? Well, I was spanked and I turned out ok.” “My kid is behind in math? Well, I wasn’t great at math and I turned out ok so I’m sure it will be fine.” I’m not judging those decisions, I’m just saying that most of the time we just drift into doing whatever our parents did. Sometimes that’s fine. But sometimes our history has planted seeds in our heads, jerking us around and we aren’t stopping to learn about it.

(It does takes work. But it’s very freeing, and can be piece of the puzzle to stopping cycles of negative decisions)

Limited Time Beers of the Highest Order:


We get lots of requests for lots of products. We do our best to get them. It’s not easy, unless a brewery already wants to send their products to our state.

So often we have to wait and watch and listen and when something comes up, pounce.

And occasionally, perhaps once a year, we get something in that is unexpected and thrilling and BIG (meaning, the ones people ask about a lot).

This is going to happen twice, actually, this week (watch for the other one on IG)

But coming up the end of the week (or perhaps early next week) are five different beers from Jester King. I’ll tell them to you now so you know what to expect: Cerveza de Mezquite, Das Wunderkind, El Cedro, Kollaborationsbier, and Noble King.

I will let them introduce themselves, here below, but I did want to add that Amber and Ron who own Garden Path in Burlington were at Jester King for a long time and I’m sure have amazing stories. You should go visit them.

Anyway, Austin TX’s Jester King Brewery describes their beers/brewery/vision, in their own words:

“Located in the beautiful Texas Hill Country, Jester King Craft Brewery is an authentic farmhouse brewery committed to brewing artisan ales of great depth and character. At times drawing influences from the world beyond traditional brewers’ yeast, Jester King’s beer is not rushed to market but allowed to mature – often in oak barrels – to create the most enjoyable, interesting and exciting beer we can make. An additional layer of complexity is added to Jester King’s bottled beers by allowing a second fermentation to take place in the bottle. As part of its commitment to sustainability, the slow food movement and Texas, Jester King beer uses as many organic and local ingredients as possible and will soon be brewed with harvested rainwater.”

Meet a new neighbor:

October 23-25: Pop-up Coffee Shop

Makeworth Market will be taking over our cafe space THIS WEEKEND! (with the possibility of more, perhaps sooner than later)

We would love for you to come and try their drinks and meet their wonderful staff. We are definitely excited to have them here.

This weekend will be from 9am to 3pm, and will have their coffee, tea and pastry menu.

Outdoor Seating update: we have massively upgraded the outdoor seating area!

Starting today, we have a huge, sweet tent up to cover lots of outdoor tables and chairs. We have sides we can lower in the rain and wind too. Over the next week we will be adding more tables and chairs, and hope to be able to have plenty of outdoor seating 🙂

For now we ask you to come in and we will find you a table. It’s just easier and more organized this way.

This is where the generosity of our neighbors becomes very helpful: after 4:00 you can park in the dentist parking lot across the street M-F (all day Sat and Sun). Parking will be slightly strained, but I see parking on Holly Street open all the time, as well as on Broadway. It shouldn’t be too tough (We are all moving our vehicles further away, to make sure you have closer spots.)

I’d love to know what you think!

Lastly, I’ll leave you with two wonderful quotes I came across this week. I’ll let them take us out, so I bit you farewell from this point.

“The life lesson I wanna share with you guys is to always speak your truth. Always speak your truth and do your best to speak your truth with compassion, with a little bit of poise, with a little bit of dignity, with respect and with empathy, even when speaking your truth means you’re gonna dive into some conversations that might make people a little uncomfortable.” -The Rock Dwayne Johnson

“Women will have achieved equality when men share with them the responsibility of bringing up the next generation.” -RBG