Pizza Weekend is upon us! (Revenue share with Alderwood Elementary School)

Pizza for Stomachs and Schools!

Today (Thursday) through Sunday, we are revenue sharing with Alderwood Elementary. Spread the word!

I believe I have mentioned our previous internal strife regarding pineapple on pizza, but I am ashamed to say that this week the “for” team won… so if this is your thing, the special of the week is pepperoni, jalapeño and pineapple!

As a quick aside, I find it odd how many people pronounce jalapeño “haa-luh-PEE-nyow… (it’s “haa-luh-PAI-nyow”)

More Pizza Cat beers are coming soon!

Next week Pizza Cat IPA #3 is coming out, made here locally by Wander. I don’t have the label yet, but we’ll post about it next week along with the 4-pack discount deal.

We have the next couple lined up as well, including Ravenna Brewing and in talks with Stoup Brewing, and a few more great breweries. More fun stuff coming down the pike.

Pizza Cat