Pizza Cat Beer #1: Stemma Pizza Cat IPA

Starting tomorrow (Thursday) we have a brand new beer available for a limited time: the Pizza Cat #1: the Stemma Pizza Cat IPA. It is a hazy IPA brewed for us by Jason and Nigel at Stemma. Did I help? Well… I did go down while it was being brewed, and gave the stainless steel tanks a little love pat. So yes, I’d say I played an important role in the creation of this beer.

We will have the beer starting Thursday in both in cans and on draft, for the month of November (or until we run out).

“You promised me a deal”:
Right. We wanted to create a beer + pizza deal, but it got slightly complicated. But here is what we came up with:
You can buy a 4-pack of the Pizza Cat IPA, and get $2 off any pizza.
This way you can get the pizza you want with this awesome beer. We were trying to come up with a beer plus pizza for one price, but that would limit it to one specific pizza. This way you get $4 off the cost of four beers, AND $2 off the cost of your favorite pizza.
And you know what? If you usually get two or three pizzas (like I do for the fam) we’ll give you $2 off EACH pizza.

We are doing it all this weekend!
(“weekend” being questionably defined by us as Thursday through Sunday).

Pizza Cat and Pizza

Want pizza but want to do your part by not going out and risking exposure?

No problem. You call us, tell us what you want, and we’ll take your card over the phone.
We’ll have a sandwich board up on the sidewalk alongside Holly Street. You can pull up to that, and call us. We’ll run both beer and pizza (assuming it’s ready) out and put in your trunk or wherever you tell us.
NOTE: we put your pizza in line right after you call us. So just call us whenever you are getting hungry! 360-733-8982.

Artwork created by @artbyciara. Seriously, if you aren’t following her on instagram, you are missing out. She is taking the world by storm, from right here in Bellingham.

Pizza Cat