A Quick Update on the Website and Oven

I’ve been working on a January communique but I wanted to quickly update you on two things:

  1. The oven is fixed, and we WILL have pizza tomorrow starting at 4:00. Order online or call us or come in! (and we have a LOT of focaccia bread, from all the pizza dough we couldn’t make into pizza last weekend!)
  2. We got a couple hundred more products on the online store today, and are ramping up our efforts to get as many products on as quickly as possible. Click here to see the online store in its current, improved state.

I really appreciate all of you who are staying home, as the cases in the county are spiking at an “unprecedented” rate (see Bham Herald article). We want to make sure we are able to serve you all well, and getting items on our website so you can browse and buy from home is our #1 priority right now.

For contactless purchasing, at the moment we can only offer curbside pickup (just choose “pickup” and then call us when you arrive – the orders usually take us about 20 minutes to put together) although we are currently discussing delivery. Personally I am happy to do delivery if you really need it, so don’t hesitate to ask. But I am not here 7 days a week, so there are some limitations. But again, please reach out if this is a problem for you.

Thanks as always. We put a LOT of beers on the site, but we’ll have a wider selection of items up on the site the next couple of days. The new website has its own challenges but we think we have overcome most of the issues for now!

Best wishes,